Here at Gulf Coast Podiatry, we want you to stay comfortable long after you leave our office. That is why we provide innovative podiatric supplies that are available for purchase, right in our office! We have everything from comfortable shoes, socks and skincare to cushions, toe spacers, pads and braces.

Our equipment is meant to help you throughout your treatment. Many of our patients are required to use foot supports and insoles, which are designed to combat a wide range of foot- and ankle-related problems. We can also fit a custom orthotic for your feet so that you can feel completely comfortable throughout treatment.

Rely on our Team for Innovative Supplies
Foot Supports & Insoles – A larger portion of our patients are required to use foot supports and insoles. This technology provides a comfortable and affordable treatment option to combat a wide array of foot and ankle problems. We stock prefabricated orthotics or can custom order from a casting of your feet.

  • Braces & Supports – Our braces and supports are designed to ease pain, hasten the healing process and prevent falling from loss of balance.
  • Cushions and Pads– We have a wide range of cushions and pads that are designed to treat various foot, ankle and leg deformities.
  • Skincare & Nailcare Products – We offer a wide selection of products to ensure proper skin and nail health.
  • Socks – Ask us about our selection of socks for diabetic foot care, compression socks and orthotic-friendly socks.
  • Stretching Aids – We offer stretching aids and night splints to ensure prolonged comfort.
  • Shoes & Slippers – Shop our collection of recommended shoes by top manufacturers.
  • Topical Analgesic – Our topical analgesics are designed to help ease foot pain.
  • Toe Straighteners
  • Toe Spreaders – Toe separators are designed to treat bunions and hammertoes